rdnssd - RDNSS daemon for Linux

To kill my spare time I began working on a implemention of RDNSS for Linux, and I said to myself that I was better starting off a web page to get some visibility :)

Support has been included since Linux 2.6.23-git1, and will be released with 2.6.24. Since DNS does not really belong in the kernel, RDNSS options are exported from the kernel to userland, for a userland daemon to handle them.

When asked about integration of this with glibc and the other already exisiting machanisms, glibc folks said that there should not be anything special to directly integrate RDNSS within glibc. So the plan is to have one more daemon updating /etc/resolv.conf. I started the development of such a daemon, namely, rdnssd.

This daemon is now distributed as part of Rémi Denis-Courmont's ndisc6 tool suite. To allow smooth integration, some coordination issues still need to be resolved with other concurrent daemons, like IPv4 DHCP clients.



Last updated on 2007-12-29
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